Tiny House downsizing can hurt in more ways than one. It can hurt your mind, soul, and in my case my body. Getting rid of personal possessions is hard and can be overwhelming. I approachit in stages. Each stage will get visited multiple times so that my mind can handle it easier.

The Weapon of Glass

During a recent stage of downsizing, I ended up in Urgent Care... earlier that morning I had broken a large picture frame. Thought that all of the glass had stayed within the frame and I disposed of it. Later that day, I made another toss pile in the same area I was working in that morning. When I went to scoop up the pile to take to the trash bag, I was stabbed and sliced with a large piece of broken glass.

Being a Delicate Flower, as my mother says I am, I almost passed out while trying to rinse my wound out in the sink. It would not stop bleeding, it was a Sunday, and I knew I was going to need proper medical attention. Grabbed a washcloth, rolled it into a ball and held it tight to put pressure on the wound. Went to my computer and Googled "Urgent Care Denver". Luckily there was one open 7 days a week in Glendale, so off I sped to the doctor.

owieWant to be seen immediatelyin Urgent Care? Just have uncontrollable bleeding, they yell back "laceration" and you get seen in seconds! The pressure I had put on the finger did finally make the bleeding stop, so they put gauze on it and sent me back out to fill out all the paperwork and actually check in. I thought GREAT this is going to be an expensive Band-Aid!

Finally got called back into an exam room 45 minutes later, and then I opened my hand again, the bleeding started along with it. Whew, it does need more than a bandaid. It hurt like @#$! so every time they touched I screamed. The doctor told her staff, "Well, she is a very cool woman, but not a very strong woman" I heard her and started laughing - see I AM a delicate flower like my mom said!

Instead of stitches, the doctor decided to go with medical super glue and a split to keep from opening the wound again. Her nurse, came back in, cleaned it up more and bandaged me up, once again, I screamed in pain. I have to keep the splint on for 10 days, so it comes off tomorrow! I had to go back in to the same Urgent Care this last Friday because my bandage was superglued to the wound! The nurse apologized and fixed me up at no charge.

I may need to be in a complete bubble wrap suit when I start building my Tiny House...

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