Tiny House? You want to build a Tiny House? YES! YES I DO!!! Follow my journey to fulfill my dream of building my own Tiny House.

It starts with research and planning. I binge watched Season 1 of Tiny House Nation (thank-you, set my DVR to record more Tiny House Nation episodes along with Tiny House Hunting and anything else "tiny". The web is FULL of Tiny House sites, blogs and information, I have subscribed to all that interest me.

Planning the Tiny House, is fun and educational. Today I learned a lot about heating the house. I really liked The Kimberly Wood Stove and will probably go with that. I have researched a ton of different plans, graphpaperliking thing from different plans, so I will probably combine ideas into one. Purchased a Composition Book containing graph paper, and will use it for all of my ideas. Working at an engineering firm, as a designer, I have access to AutoCAD, large plotters and other tools of the designing trade, so that will be very helpful.

Since I was young, I loved designing my own houses, in fact I wanted to become an architect. I received my first drafting table in my early teens along with the drafting arm attached. I LOVED IT! Had drafting in college along with Industrial Design, but my major was in Graphic Design and Photography. To this day, I still write in all capital letters (as done in hand drafting), of course everything is computerized now, but I still take to paper and pencil for initial design.

I joined a Meetup group called Denver Tiny House Enthusiasts, they want to create a Tiny House community in the Denver area, like an HOA situation but for Tiny Houses only. Currently Denver does not allow Tiny Houses. Boulder and Boulder county does, their minimum square footage is 80 sq ft, my house will probably be 150-180 sq ft. They also meet on Saturdays and help build Tiny Houses for the homeless. Due to the snowy weather we have been having, and the lack of use of my right elbow, I have not participated in those events yet, but will this Spring and Summer!

As you can see, the planning has begun. My journey is in its infancy, but it will grow as time progresses... Watch me as this dream becomes a reality!

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