Tiny Houses are small, with less storage than the average person is accustomed to. Transitioning to a Tiny House requires downsizing with a capital "D"! I have started this process, in stages, to help make it less stressful.donate-trash

Each area of my apartment gets some "Spring Cleaning".  Items either go in the "Donate" bag, "Trash" bag or is kept. Living in the same place for 5 years helps with the "paring down" process for, if I have not touched it, then it is GONE! Some areas will get more than one pass through. This helps with the "I should keep this just in case" syndrome.

It is amazing how much STUFF you can get rid of. My sock drawer alone filled a 13 gallon garbage bag of socks I no longer need! I found two boxes of brand new unused Brooks Running Shoes - SCORE! Which then lead me to fill 2 garbage bags worth of old running shoes. Those shoes get donated to One World Running. An organization that provides running shoes to those in need in the United States and around the world to promote an awareness of health, fitness and nutrition. Two bags were also filled with old running apparel, along with countless other bags of everyday apparel.

The time had come to go make a donation run/drop. I loaded up my flatbed cart with boxes of pint glases, mugs, dishes etc, then piled the bags of clothes on top. There is a "bump" at my door the cart needs to go over, so I thought, I'll just take a running start at it to clear it... famous last words... CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over went ALL of the boxes containing anything glass into the hallway in a million pieces! GREAT! Guess those boxes are now going into the trash instead and just the clothes are going to donation.

Lessons learned, but big dents in downsizing have been accomplished. Doing a little at at time has really helped. It does not feel so overwhelming. Next drop is taking old sheets and towels to the Dumb Friends League for them to use for the homeless pets.

May the downsizing continue...

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